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Ladies and gentlemen, truth is now acceptable

A journal of Sims, zombies, memes, rants, raves, and lasers.


I'm a Sims 2 addict and a Harry Potter fangirl. What happens when a bookworm loves video games? Hermione's ABCs! That's my Alphabetacy--27 generations of Sims. Gen A has A names, B has B names, and so on. Currently I'm on Generation I and Inigo has taken over the family!
I've been writing stories pretty much my whole life, but apart from school assignments I hardly ever let people read my work. So publishing Hermione's ABCs was a big step for me, and I <3 every one of my readers for being so lovely. While I do write the ABCs on my own, I'm very open to feedback/suggestions, and I love making new friends. Usually if you read my stories I'll return the favor. :)
Besides Hermione's ABCs, I also write the observational O'Brian Legacy and a DITFT challenge, The Apple Falls Far from the Tree.
I like tildes and capslock, but usually when I'm babbling in capslock and tildes I'm joking around. There are times when I'm serious and times when I'm really not.
One of the first things I wrote that I thought was pretty good was a fanfiction. I used to write horrible Sues, but then again, I was like eight. I write a bit of fanfiction still; I wrote one for Fiddler on the Roof, "Someday," and a weirder sort of one for 24, entitled "Stay With Me." Check the "fanfiction" tag for links; I'm Ophelia Violet on fanfiction.net. I also write drabbles for my stories and other random things, and those are under the "drabble" tag on my journal.
This journal started as something for my Alphabetacy, because all the cool kids were on LiveJournal, and it became sort of my random place to rant about anything. Mostly Hermione's ABCs, but note the mostly.
But y'know, life isn't just Sims. Mostly, but not only. I'm a huge fan of My Chemical Romance, and they tend to pop up in my journal entries. I love acting, and no longer possess my soul due to surrendering it to my high school's Performing Arts program. I'm not too good at drawing, but I wish I was because it's a useful skill. I'm very lazy and a procrastinator, like to think I'm funny, sing to myself whenever I'm sure no one's listening, and am a big goody-two-shoes rule-abiding weirdo, and I like it that way. As said, I'm a bookworm and I've read a lot, and due to this I have an expansive vocabulary. I have a very wide musical taste because of my parents. I hate the outdoors. It's lovely to observe but I'd rather be inside. I love zombie movies, but the funny ones, like Zombieland and I also love Repo! The Genetic Opera. Even so I also love Disney/Pixar movies and I tend to cry at some point in every movie I see.
If you want to talk to me, leave me a comment, send me a message, or go to my e-mail hermionesabcs@yahoo.com.
Call me June, pretty please!